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If a tree is sick, you fix the soil  ~ Dr Valerie


Dr. Valerie, dba, You kNOW More Consulting, LLC, is an humanitarian, human rights activist, philosopher, and philanthropist with 40 years of medical service with 26 years as a licensed naturopathic physician. As a global citizen,  she has distinguished herself as an international expert in integrative functional wellness, integrative medicine, disaster relief through natural medicine, & ecological medicine to reconcile the care & health of ecosystems, populations, communities, & individuals.


In addition, she shares her competency & compassion through writing, illustrating, public speaking, performing, television production, fashion designer, & art (craftivism). Three near-death experiences in the 1980's  heightened Dr. Valerie's natural senses, allowing expansive insights, messages & innovative insights from the future,  to inspire her clients & audiences to empower themselves, heal, & flourish.

Some call her a modern day shaman.

As a serial social entrepreneur, Dr Valerie walks the path few dare go by expressing new, unique and sustainable solutions in this 21st century.  With creative firm structures to maintain focus, & the great fortune of being in relationships with trustworthy people, with stellar values and a drive that is fueled by passion, she is a master of  collaborating with people & partners to bring hope through committed and compassionate action to the world.  


With these extraordinary professional and personal experiences in mind, Dr. Valerie activated a model for the future of sustainable medicine and living, a new-thought, art-centered movement called YOU KNOW MORE which empowers entrepreneurship, "the owner of your passion", to assist people exercise the right to be themselves!

Dr. Valerie finds her greatest joy professionally in serving health care providers, leaders and activists whose journeys take them where few dare go.  May all flourish!

"With skills are more that the sum of her deep knowledge, Dr. Valerie balances her wisdom with love and humble proficiency...Even in the highest risk, lowest resource settings on Earth, where Climate Crisis disasters leave communities in utter strife, she brings grace and healing.

-Ibu Robin Lim, CNN Hero of the Year 2011

"I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing and working with Valerie Simonsen, personally & professionally for 23 years. Dr Valerie is a true modern-day shaman who connects us with the wisdom of the ancestors to assist all of us on this divine journey called LIFE !

-Elaine Blasi, PhD Humanistic Psychology


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