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Apprenticeship Programs


Dare to Be YOU!

Expansion your Entrepreneurship !

Apprentice with Dr Valerie with this personal private 12 week entrepreneurial expansion program, to co-create

the life you deserve!

Action plans & resources to create sustainable fulfilling,

flourishing life for you now!

90 minutes/week for 12 weeks.

The 5 R's of the 12 week program

Rejoice, Revere, Repurpose, Return, & Renaissance!

Rejoice!  You are spiritually prepared for all current events.  Graciously you will create the bridge between where you are now & where you want to be.

Revering your inner wisdom you will create the map with achievable goals utilizing innovative small steps.

• Create a brewing event to act as a catalyst.

Repurpose by understanding your behaviors, thought patterns, ancestral patterns, limiting beliefs & give them a new name & job description.  (Here lives an untapped power. Together we will explore the power & honor its new position in your life.)

• Worthiness is outdated!  Value is the kNOW way! As you identify your current values you will create a new way to move in your world & achieve the goals of where you want to be.  Return to the BEing, your were born to be!

• Create a blueprint in advance in case you get mislead by old behaviors popping up & return to your knowing of what is the right thing to be/do. 

• Utilizing craftivism, you will become the activist for your heart's passion with the skills of affirmations, writing, drawing, vision cans, & meditation as tools to actualize your intention.

• Educational tools offered via the ABC's (Awareness, Alignment, Breathing, Bodifying, Connection & Communication) of the Nature of YOUr Nature (PDF format)

• Leaning into your truths, & as you fix it on the inside, it will fix on the outside.  It is an inside job & with the confidence your success is a given.  Then you celebrate as you share your personal Renaissance with the world!

Get your free 15 minute discussion

of your needs & the investment you will VALyou the rest of your life!.  

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  Dr Valerie will respond to you within 48 hours. 


"I BElieve in you... I will walk beside you and gently hold your hand along the way"~ Dr Valerie


kNOW YOUr Garden

wOMb wisdOM


8 weeks in person private group

Rejoice Revere Repurpose Return


contact Dr Valerie for details.

INpowering YOU kNOW more! 
May you implement YOUr freedom
& exercise the right to be YOUrself! 

"I had the privilege of working with Doc Val in Dulag, Leyte after typhoon Haiyan wreak havoc in the area.  We were stayed in tents and we saw many women who came to birth in the clinic and other patients who needed help for wounds, cuts and other health related concerns. 

Doc Val has been very helpful in attending to patients and making sure that they get the help they needed.  She offered and alternative way of addressing the concerns of the patients but more than that she was there to give genuine love and care which was more important at a time where hopelessness abounds.  She has also been a major boost to the morale of the team who had been working long hours to serve the community.  The world is so much brighter because we have someone who makes the world a little bit more bearable everyday even in the midst of uncertainties and troubles."  Teresa Maniego, Bahai Arugaan ni Maria. Philippines.

Contact Dr Valerie today for a free initial consult to explore how we can can work together.

Thank you! Dr. Valerie will be in touch soon.

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