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Restoration Retreats

Tropical Retreat

Return to the Nature of YOUr Nature.

Dr. Valerie's restoration retreats offer a chance for individuals or groups of up to 13 people to experience healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Unplug and create a stronger sense of discovery and self in a safe, confidential environment. Return to the nature of your nature by creating your own retreat, or joining a group. Restoration retreats are beneficial and open to any group or demographic; corporate, personal, family, women's, men's, youth, and beyond! Experience restoration with Dr. Valerie.

" I first met Dr Valerie a few years ago when I was deeply depressed and had suicidal thoughts, but there was a part of me that still wanted to give myself another chance. If I was going to go through a change in my life, I wanted to do it in a more natural way.  About two weeks later my friend called and told me she met this naturopathic doctor. She was willing to have a gathering with some of her friends and she invited me over. I couldn't believe it but of course I went...

 From then for years on I attended every gathering Dr. Valerie created & I have had tremendous change in my life. I have learned to deal with myself and my surroundings better. I was able to lose some weight, my skin looks better, I am feeling much better. She was nothing short of a miracle for me. Thank you Dr. Valerie; I remember I DO KNOW MORE! "

Words from E.Y.


Retreat Participant

New restoration retreat offerings coming soon in

Maui, Montana wilderness, Bali, New Zealand & Guam!  

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