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Founder & President of non-profit, You Know More.

Doctorate , National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Portland, Oregon, 1995

Hānai, “Papa” Kawika Ka’alakea. Kahuna La'au Lapa'au o Maui. Revered Elder Practicing Herbal Medicine teaching Hawaiian traditional healing practices.

“Attracting Corporate Sponsors”, Linda Hollander 2017

Bachelor of Science , Biology, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, 1991

Massage Therapy Licensure , Rev. Jeanne Hafford, RN/OT, Bozeman, Montana, 1987-1994

Emergency Medical Technician Licensure ,  Western Montana College, Dillon, Montana, 1983-1991

CPR & Advanced First Aid Instructor Certification , Ruby Valley Ambulance, Sheridan, Montana, 1982-1991


High School   Diploma , Sheridan High School, Sheridan, Montana, 1975


International Crisis Relief, YOU kNOW MORE Traveling Medicine Show, primary physician. 2008-Present.   India, Thailand, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Guam, Ecuador, Philippines, California, Hawaii

Club 500 (private club for $500M executives) Corporate Health Education.  California, New York

Makana Lani Healing Center, 1997 to present, Inter-Island Hawaii. (Private practice)


Dragon’s Den Healing Center, 1997 – 2001 Makawao, Hawaii.  (Private practice)

Medical Arts Service, 1995 – 2001 Bozeman, Montana. (Private practice)


National College of  Naturopathic Medicine, 1991-1995

Student Practitioner, Tutor for Histology, Hydrotherapy, Immunology Portland Oregon

Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA), 1991-1995. Student practitioner & student supervisor
Portland, Oregon

Indian Health Service (IHS), 1995.
Preceptorship to educate and integrate health care systems Portland, Oregon

Indonesian Medical Clinic, 1995.
Preceptorship at satellite clinic offering Chinese medicine to Southeastern Asian population Portland, Oregon

Institute of Traditional Medicine, 1994-1995.
Preceptorship in alternative & integrative treatment of HIV/AIDS Portland, Oregon

ANHO Medical Center, 1994-1995.
Preceptorship in alternative treatment for multiple sclerosis and chronic health concerns Portland, Oregon

Dr. Jared Zeff, N.D., 1991-1995.
Preceptorship in traditional naturopathic medicine.  Independent study with Lakota Sioux traditional healers, (Buck Ghosthorse, Black Elk, Martin High Bear, Rose High Bear) Portland, Oregon & Snohomish County, Washington


National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) Portland, Oregon:  Clinic supply facilitator, Histology tutor

Eclectic Institute:  Facility worker at NCMN

Personal chef:  Bozeman Montana

Massage Therapist, 1987-1994  Bozeman, Montana, & Portland, Oregon

Valley Lumber Company, Retail Home Improvement Center, Business Manager, 1975-1982 Twin Bridges, Montana

Simonsen Construction: General laborer, manager, bookkeeper, 1962-1982 Sheridan, Montana


Flourish of Ojai Social Medial Fellowship: Tik Tok 


Flourish of Ojai Fellowship. $7,500 to support her business planning and website development. 


Jeanne Hafford, $15,000 for advancing in medicine.


Soroptimist International

     Montana District, Montana and Northwestern Regional scholarship awardee


Montana Builder’s Association



Founder & President of You Know More, non-profit 501C3 You Know More offers restorative support specifically designed for those who dedicate their lives to caring for others. Through providing retreats, events and classes, personal consultation and self-help education with hundreds of essential workers, we impact hundreds of thousands of people each year.

SHPDA - Hawaii State Health Planning and Development Agency Tri-Isle County, 2001-2008 Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Hawaii

Head Start Tri-isle County Health Advisory Committee Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Hawaii


Maui Memorial Medical Center, Continuing Education Board Member and Chair, 2001-2005 

Maui Memorial Medical Center, Allied Health Steering Committee Chair for Naturopathic Physicians, 2001

Maui Community Correctional Center: Education and empowerment classes.

Maui Vet Center: Remediation and PTSD solutions.

Life-Fest Maui, Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii, Upcountry Clean Water Ohana Chair of “Get the Lead Out”.  Educator and Co-Author of grant proposal and pilot study for safe drinking water program. Co-created a template for lead remediation for US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C.

Emergency Medical Technician, 1983-1991

Medical Trainer: Ruby Valley Ambulance  Sheridan, Montana, Beaverhead County Ambulance, 1991 -1992 

Twin Bridges Volunteer fire department Quick Response Unit, 1989-1990 

CPR & Advanced First Aid Instructor, 1982-1991 Sheridan, Montana



Hawaii Naturopathic Physician #115

Montana Naturopathic Physician (not current)

Ordained Spiritual Counselor, Minister, State of Hawaii 2012- present

Massage Therapy, 1987-1994
Emergency Medical Technician, 1983-1991


Maui Memorial Medical Center (pre-Kaiser)

Western Region Clowning Association, 1996-Present 


Bumi Sehat Foundation International: 2011 to present via telemedicine.  Virtual primary physician for non-profit clinic for pregnant women, birthing, critical care throughout the region.  Bali, Indonesia

Soroptomist International, 2016-2017:  Volunteer to raise funds to provide women and girls access to economically empowering education. Whitefish, Montana

Hotsprings Artist Society, 2016:  Voluntary fund-raising and organizing cultural events. Hot Springs, Montana

Ecuador medical mission, 2013:  Self-directed primary physician serving gangs and underserved areas.

Super Typhoon Yolanda medical relief camp, 2013:  Self-directed primary physician serving 300+ clients per day with Robin Lim, CNN Hero of the Year, Bumi Sahat, and Bumi Wadah Dulag. Leyte,  Philipines

Samoa Tsunami, 2011:  Self-directed primary physician serving victims post-tsunami.

New Zealand Maori Nation Restoration, 2011: Self-directed primary physician serving victims of colonization.

Tsunami Survivors Camp, Khaolak, Thailand, 2005, 2012:  Self-directed primary physician providing natural medicine in refugee encampments where hundreds of thousands lived and died.

Maui Memorial Medical Center 2003-2008:  Primary physician in co-creating and chair Allied Health Care department. Chair for continuing medical education and CME presenter.

SHPDA - Hawaii State Health Planning and Development Agency Tri-Isle County, 2001-2008 Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Hawaii

Head Start Tri-isle County Health Advisory Committee Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Hawaii

Maui Community Correctional Center: Education and empowerment classes.


Ka Hale A Ke Ola/Homeless Resource Center Maui: Education and empowerment classes.  

Maui Vet Center: Remediation and PTSD solutions.


University guest lecturer: University of Hawaii, Maui, University of Guam

AKAKU public television producer and host: “The Doctor Is In” educational program

Maui Community Correctional Center: Education and empowerment classes.


Ka Hale A Ke Ola/Homeless Resource Center Maui: Education and empowerment classes.  

Maui Vet Center: Remediation and PTSD solutions.

Radio Guest/Presenter: 

   Sounds of Healing
   Dr. Micheal Klapper, MD. Public Radio

   Dr. Cindy Anderson, ND. Public Radio

   Guam Public Radio

   NPR “Spooked” Guest

Maui, Hawaii; Guest Lecturer:

   Maui Mended Hearts Maui AIDS foundation 

   Women Helping Women
   CFS support groups
   Nature’s Outlet
   “Ask the Doctor” lecture series
   Just for Today
   USTOO Prostate cancer support group
   Junior Achievement, Wailuku Elementary School          

   WOWEE - Women’s empowerment movement
   Wahine & the Moon, monthly full moon ceremonies for girls ages 3-18

   New Moon Ceremonies (family)

   We as Women - Monthly    

Nature’s Outlet, Kalispell Montana, Guest lecturer



The Nature of YOUr Nature, 2020

Osteopower,  2016
Act Your Shoe Size,  2016
You kNOw More, 2011
Prosperity Know More, 2010
Empty Yet So Full, 2009-2011
Love the Love: To All the Men, 2008
Love the Love: To All the Women,  2008
New Moon... New You,  2008
Shame of Silence, 2008
Womb Wisdom,  2008
Feng Shui Your Life,  2008
Rites of Passage, 2008
Inner Disarmament,  2008
Luxury or Lack... You Choose, 2008
The F-Word,  2008
Sacred Chalice, 2006
OM-free,  2006
Let Us Turnup & Peace,  2006
Ho’ Know More,  2006
The Beauty & Thy Breast, 2005
ABCs of the Soul,  2005
TSUNAMI! Life Has a Wave with Us,  2005
Heartrage,  2002
May You Always Have the Freedom to Be Yourself, 2000

“Cowboy Ghost,” Trucker Ghost Stories, 2010 

“Naturopathic Medicine,” The Wellness Guide, 2004 

“Children and Vaccinations,” Mauiana Magazine, 2003 

“Children's Wellbeing,” Maui Family Magazine, 2003

Expert connecting with jouranlists via HARO 


Social activism through art: Craftivism 

Breath and Health as related to the Principles of Aloha

Health benefits of silence

Women’s empowerment (WOWEE) 

HIV/AIDS integrative medicine
Cancer integrative medicine

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Gulf War Syndrome
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the Native American population 

Genetically Modified Organisms and long-term effects

Battered Women’s Syndrome
Beneficial effects of humor in our daily lives














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