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Robin Lim CPM
Founder Bumi Sehat Foundation

CNN Hero of Year 2011

In 2011 I was at a crossroads in my life afraid to fail, afraid to succeed, Dr. Valerie came to Bali and with her healing I was able to go forward into my most astonishing future. 


I came to understand that miracles spiral around Dr. Valerie’s footsteps.  Also in 2011 Dr. Valerie volunteered at Bumi Sehat Bali Community health and Childbirth clinic, there I saw her help a patient dissolve a tumor the size of a football! I saw her help us cure an elder of gangrene, she saved his feet, and his life. Her skills are more that the sum of her deep knowledge, Dr. Valerie balances her wisdom with love and humble proficiency. 


In 2013 nine islands in the Central Philippines were destroyed by typhoon Haiyan. Desperately needing medical volunteers, we invited Dr. Valerie to join our disaster relief team in Dulag, where 100% of the people were left homeless, hungry and in need of potable water. Even in the highest risk, lowest resource settings on Earth, where Climate Crisis disasters leave communities in utter strife, Dr. Valerie brings grace and healing. Many children were so afraid of storms that they struggled to breathe every time it rained. Dr. Valerie found natural, simple remedies that made it possible for these traumatized children to breath and to thrive.  I am always astonished by her mastery of the mysteries of life. With my Love, Ibu Robin Lim

Elaine Blazi.jpg

Elaine Blasi
Hayward Twin Oaks Montessori School
Doctoral Student Humanistic Psychology

I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing and working with Valerie Simonsen for 23 years. She has been my own naturopathic physician. I have recommended her to all of my closest friends and family members. To this day I still consult with her on any and all medical concerns. I depend upon the way in which she guides me to wellness. As she taught me many, many years ago, “You know the answer to your question, Elaine. Listen to your body.” She showed me that I was a natural healer, not just for my own illnesses, but for others’. She taught me the way in which to access my Inner Being in order to hear the whispers and see the truth. This wisdom has allowed me to be of service to those with whom I live and work and has kept me vibrant and healthy into my sixties (and, I am certain, will do so into my nineties). 

Perhaps, though, the most powerful testimonial I can make of Valerie and her extraordinary gifts is that which comes from my partnering with her as an educator. As an independent school leader on Maui I consulted with many talented care givers to put together the most beneficial support team for my students and their families. My team consisted of a pediatric psychologist (and, for a short time, a pediatric psychiatrist), a pediatric occupational therapist, a pediatric optometrist and a pediatric speech language therapist. These people were the best-of-the-best. They served my community well. However, there were some instances when I needed more. I needed an opinion that would take into account the “spiritual” aspect of the student’s dis-ease. In those instances, I referred the family to Valerie, and, in each case, she integrated Western medicine/philosophy with Eastern and got to the root of the imbalance. 

Valerie is a true modern-day shaman who connects us with the wisdom of the ancestors to assist all of us on this divine journey called LIFE ! 

Janet Baldwin.jpg


I have known Valerie both professionally and personally for 24 years.  Her gift of healing and knowledge of wellness is vast. She has been our family Dr. since our daughter was a baby. (she is now 24) 

Valerie has a kind spirit and holds her love of the human race as her path and destiny. 

I would trust Valerie in ANY situation, and whoever has the pleasure of working with her is truly lucky and blessed. 

Janet Baldwin

Maui Alpaca

Andrea W.jpg

Andrea W. Marino, M.A.

Mental Health Counseling Expressive Arts Therapy

The amazing thing about workshops with Dr. Valerie is how long they stay with you.  The skills she teaches are ones I've kept in my tool bag and used in so many different life situations over the past nearly twenty years.  My goal in my own work is to help people become more Embodied, Present, Connected, and Alive - and that work has been influenced by my time with Dr. Valerie.  Dr. Simonsen's presence is such a gift - grounded and radiant.  The light of her kind, bright, knowing eyes invites you forward to be what you know you can.  She is an inspiration and a beacon whose light has touched so many people and whose spark has ignited so many creative fires in others!  I feel grateful every day for the wise and empowering tools she's endowed in my time learning with her.

noran pic.jpg

Dr. Valerie, the most intuitive person I've ever met has helped me with countless health issues but the most amazing thing she's done for me has been to guide me through my own intuitive journey into self care and beyond.  With her assistance I  have created an online business where  I have become the health intuitive & healer I was always meant to be. My purpose is to help heal the world, one person at a time.  

Noran Siegel
Intuitive Healer

marvin pi.jpg

Made a difference to this one!  Survivor of typhoon Yolanda, Dulag, Phillipines.  Marvin beat all the odds.  Parasites, TB, malnutrition.  Note from his mom: "Now Marvin is only 11 and in grade 5 elementary, he wants to be a seaman."

Magic Marvin

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