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My Baby

you kNOW more

Birth Story

Uncle Cy teaching me to walk

you kNOW more

you kNOW more

   I faced my fears in 2010, with the guidance & support from friends I went on my first jaunt around the world.  It was suggested to not have a plan but to just experience what life wanted to gift me. Travel with an OPEN HEART.  Every country had a special flavor for me to experience, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Micronesia, Indonesia and other lying islands.  

   I was volunteering at the Bumi Sahat birthing center in Bali & received the greatest gift of a life time.   I was offering medical services to a 30 year old woman who has been paralyzed for 10 year because of a massive stroke. Her body was frozen in a fetal statue-like state with severe muscle atrophy. She had lost all capacities to walk, talk, & even swallow.  Her husband would chew her food for her & gently place the food into her mouth while he massaged her throat to stimulate the swallowing reflex.  Her eyes were dark with despair but as I looked into her eyes I recognized the “spark of life” that still existed within this beautiful woman!  Her body was frozen but her spirit was still alive! Medically I gave her a homeopathic & asked the couple to return in the morning.  They arrived to the clinic daily with their extended family which got larger every day!  Each day I would look into her eyes & acknowledge her “spark of life”.  I taught the team of health providers some new natural techniques to assist her & within weeks the woman gave us this beautiful gift.  As I walked from her cot she said, the first time in 10 years that she make a sound; “man oh man”  Shockingly I turned back to her & she smiled! We all celebrated with tears of joy. Obviously she was mimicking me although I was not aware I said man oh man often!  Quickly she was talking more.   She made us laugh as she rose from that crystalline shell that was once her norm.  I had no understanding of her language but I sure laughed!  She was funny!  She was astonishing!  Her motor skills increased rapidly & her muscle mass returned.  After 36,500 + days in this frozen body I stood beside her as she took her first step.  She laughed.  I cried. 

   Weeks passed and the day came when my visa was expired so I had to leave Bali.  She walked with me down the hall to a farewell brunch were we celebrated our time together at Bumi Sahat.  We shared food and laughed.

One of the staff members took me aside and asked what was it that I had done for that woman to create a such a miraculous recovery. 

   In my education to be a doctor I was programed to have the answers.  Programed to have the right pill.  To know more about the person than they knew about themselves.  This experience was different than any other patient.  What was different?  I thought about it then remembered the magic pill I gave her. I did not have the answers.  I did not have the right pill.  I did not know more about her that she did.   I BELIEVED IN HER!  I KNEW SHE KNEW MORE than me.  Words and actions may of been nill but her spirit spoke clearing and I believed in her.

   I went to Bali to assist giving birth to Babies and she was my “midwife” that escorted me to birth my new lease in life & my new business… you kNOW more!

  Lets take this journey together so you will be all that you are meant to be.  You do have the freedom to be yourself because you kNOW more!   I believe in you!

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