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Private Consultations

Dr. Valerie compassionately listens, understands, and respects your wholeness. 

With her support, you will explore who and where you are now and where you desire to be. 


Honoring your innate wisdom and imagination, Dr. Valerie gently supports you in your relationships with money, career, health (self-reverence), love, creativity, family, society, self-knowledge, and adventure. 


Appointments are available in person, by phone, and online.

Landscape Site Consultation
Rustic Beach Path

       Results you can count on:

  • You will leave each session in a timely manner with a simple, practical plan enabling you to walk your path in a creative and confident, knowledgable manner - where “you know more.” 

  • You will embrace the truth that you belong to your breath, this moment, and your life.  

Dr Valerie helped me to find my guiding light, to trust that I really do "know more"  and develop my coaching practice. Despite previous years of introspective work with other professionals, it was not until I started working with Dr. Valerie that I began to move forward in my life in ways that I had always dreamed. I have been struggling financially  due to a health concern and not able to afford to work with a coach/mentor/physician such as Dr. Valerie.  She has given me the wonderful gift of being able to dance with my financial situation. We created a payment option that served both of us.  Dr. Valerie is truly an amazing healer. She listens from her heart and intuition, which allows her to move with me wherever I need to go.   

Mara Castello, 

Certified Empowerment Coach

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