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Due to the current needs of clients, Dr Valerie has postponed the online ceremony.

We will contact you when the time is right to go for this again!

I believe in you!

~ Dr Valerie


As a human rights activist you been spiritually prepared for current events! Gloriously you are invited to go on this journey where few dare go,  a journey home to you.  The ABC’s of living from your 60+% DNA which is shared with plants is shared with the element of craftivism.  You will enter yourself with the balance of yin (femine) and Yang (masculine) energies so as you can dance in the world with ease.   Consequently you will co-create harmonious functioning in all aspects of your world. Within your relationship with yourself, your family and friends, society, all living creatures, and earthly environment.  As you claim your birth given right to be yourself you share your self with an open heart, fueled by imagination, to create the life you desire and deserve as you "Re-member This Is Me”. 


 Welcome to the “you kNOW more” movement, the place within yourself where you unplug from illusions and plug into to your knowingness.  The “land where there is no illness”.  Restore your mind, body and soul by re-membering to respect your innate wisdom and imagination.  As you remember your soul’s destiny you will operate from the wisdom of your wounds and not let your wound lead your life. 


The #1 disease on this planet is loneliness, secondary to separation. What the world needs now is hope. As you unplug from the norm and plug into your roots of truth the seeds of hope are ignited and you will build the bridge between your ancient wisdom and the modern world.  You will understand Pleasure, Perseverance, Pride, Purpose and Peace.  You will unify and include all that you are meant to BE.   You become the advocate for your personal amnesty of Peace.  Your Peace.  Peace by Piece.  Personal responsibility and an open heart leads the way as you dance in the world in the awareness and alignment that “This Is Me”. The hundredth monkey effect comes into play and the message of hope spreads globally and change is created and your wisdom will be passed on and all flourish, especially future generations.

Dr. Valerie, misses not visiting and serving you in  your homelands.  In response she has adapted and is riding the wave of current events by creating online classes for you today!


Join us in the future for the ceremony:  The Nature of YOUr Nature.  cOMe hOME to YOU kNOW MORE!

A 30 day Zoom program of Enlightenment and empowerment... the way home to the Nature of YOUr Nature.

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