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Hybrid Online Circles

Tropical Paradise

invite Dr Valerie to YOUr hOMe

I miss being with you!

Aloha!  We can still do this!!!!  Hybrid wellness craftivism circles!!!!  Bring your sacred peeps together & we will go on your journey of personal renaissance!


Repurpose Circles

Got outdated?

Thoughts, behaviors, clothes? 

Be an activist for YOU!

Join us for 3 weeks online. 1.5 hour craftivism circles where you give

outdated thought/behaviors

a New job description!

The craft will be hand sewing a power piece.

sign up today!

As safety precautions are honored,

in person & hybrid groups are available. 

Conscious Eating
Eat kNOW more 

re-prupose circles 2.jpg
Eat KNOW more

Register for online opportunities today! 
Please fill out the form below.  We will back to asap!

Thank you! Dr. Valerie will be in touch soon.

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